Having fun and Playing outdoors.

The ultimate playground is a private field, be it a small garden or a private stretch of woodland. For those who have access to a few acres of personal land this is easy to accomplish but for those who are in the middle of a city a little creativity is required. For those looking for a little outdoor play it can be well worth the experience of creating a little extra space for play. Any excuse to play outside should be welcome in this day and age, especially as it gives people an excellent excuse to unplug from electronic devices and enjoy a little privacy away from others. One just has to imagine what they want and make it real.

Extra information about outdoor play

A Personal Playground

A garden is arguably best for outdoor play as it involves the most amount of open space. It takes a little planning, but it can be very easily done and usually done economically. Start with a small map of the area and fill in some basic features. The tallest plants should be around the perimeter so as to make the most of the area provided. There should also be some walkways marked out and differentiated from the surrounding area by some sort of border, such as stones or small walls. Try to make sure that the plants are easy to maintain and that you allocate some time to maintaining the area and your garden should do well.

A Walk Through the Woods

For those looking for a little extra challenge you can design a small woodland. A woodland requires a little more room in order to allow the trees to grow, but you would be surprised how little space it takes. All you need is a dozen trees and some pretty good planning skills. The problem is that you need to allow the trees room to grow as well as space for walkways. Once the trees have been placed, maintenance is relatively easy as all you need to do is water and rake the leaves. However, it can be well worth the time invested, especially if you like long walks in the woods.

If All You Have is a Courtyard

For true city-dwellers there is a limited amount of space available, especially if you are in an apartment complex. A great solution is to use potted plants around the area you do have access to this works in a courtyard or on a roof. You can also paint trees and other plants on any surrounding walls and you can be as creative as you like. There is no reason you should be limited to standard plants and you can have some fun the views as well. There really is no wrong way to do it as long as you have permission from the owner and it may actually save you some on rent if the owner sees some advantage to the little outdoor play area you create.

For those looking to set up a neat little outdoor play area it just takes some planning and maintenance. Just dream and then execute it and you will find that you have created a little area where you can enjoy things for a bit.